Reasons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Ban in India, New Guidelines [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Ban in India]

Reasons, Reasons, New Guideline [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Ban in India] (Govt. Guideline, Policies in Hindi)

Social media is one such platform which is very important for everyone. It has become the life of the people. People have made it entertainment as well as a means of earning. But if suddenly they come to know that now all this can stop. It is as if the ground will slip under their feet. In fact, social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were given 3 months by the central government with some guidelines. Which is over now. In such a situation, this speculation is being made. That maybe all these social media platforms can be closed. Let us give you complete information regarding this in this article. 

facebook instagram twitter ban in india

Central Government Guidelines (Govt. Policies)

The Central Government in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and IT of India had asked social media platforms to follow the following rules.

  • According to the guidelines of the central government, it has been asked to regulate digital content.
  • Apart from this, Compliance Officer, Nodal Officer and Resident Grievance Officer will also have to be appointed, and whoever is appointed in this, his work area should be India.
  • Social media platforms have been asked by the government to monitor objectionable content, complaint reports, as well as delete any such content within 24 hours.
  • Under the new rules, if any complaint is received, social media platforms will have to accept it within 24 hours as well as redress it within 15 days. And if no action has been taken against him, then the reason will also have to be given.
  • It is also necessary to give a monthly report of which post has been removed and for what reason. And all the information.
  • All social media platforms should have a physical address which should be of India. And its information should be given in both the app and the website.

Deadline to follow the guidelines (Govt. Deadline)

The Central Government, in collaboration with the Ministry of IT, had issued all these guidelines on the 25th of the month of February this year. Which was asked to adopt social media platforms. And for this, the government had given them 3 months.

The deadline given by the government on 26 May has ended. And till now no social media platform has implemented this, so it can be said that all these platforms can be closed in India. However, Facebook has approved to follow all the provisions given by IT. But nothing has been said about it on Instagram and Twitter yet.   

The reason for the closure of Facebook Instagram and Twitter (Ban Reason)

According to the report, it has been learned that personal information of people who create accounts in social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. is reaching abroad. That is, people’s data is being leaked. which can be misused. Apart from this, a bad message is being sent in the society due to objectionable content on social media. That is why the central government had prepared a guideline for this, which is necessary to follow social media. But if they do not follow these guidelines, then the central government can close all these social media websites and apps.

Facebook Ban in India

A big problem is coming for Facebook right now that Facebook has not yet compiled the new policy. In such a situation, that intermediary can lose both security and status. According to the rules and laws of India, criminal cases can also be registered against them. This company is a US based company, so that company has asked for 6 months time. It has been told from the report that the spokesperson of the company says that our goal is to maintain coordination with the IT company. And they need support and coordination from the Government of India. So can follow the new guideline of Facebook, so it cannot be closed in India.

Instagram Ban in India

Many people are confused about whether Instagram can be banned? Or not. So let us tell them that Instagram is already run by the owner of Facebook. And both have not adopted the new policy. So there is no doubt that the Indian government cannot shut down Instagram.

Twitter Ban in India

Twitter is most commonly used by celebrities, politicians, sportspersons, and people from this community. But Twitter has also not given any reaction or statement so far that they are going to follow the guidelines of the government. So it can also happen. It is a newssharing platform. Through this, common people tell their problems through Twitter and then people retweet this and convey their problems to the concerned officials. If Twitter shuts down, it will change a lot.

Although we hope that this social media platform does not stop in India. But if it stops then the social media users of India will be very sad.


Q: Will Facebook, Instagram and Twitter be closed like Chinese apps?

Ans: There is no information about this yet.

Q: Which social media accounts can be banned?

Ans: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Q: Will WhatsApp also stop?

Ans: No, its name has not been revealed yet.

Q: What was the last date to accept the new guidelines of the government?

Ans: 26 May.

Q: What is the reason for the ban of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Ans: Offensive content and user security